180+  Committee Members
4700+ Chinese Students
21000+ Social Media Followers


Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at UCLA is an officially registered student organization of UCLA, currently holding over 3,000 members. With the academic prestige, CSSA-UCLA has been an active and influential force in organizing activities for Chinese students group and expanding the beauty of traditional Chinese culture on the UCLA campus and in the Southern California community. All activities are cooperated and organized by nine separate departments of CSSA-UCLA—Department of Culture, Department of Media and Communication, Department of Career Development, Department of Marketing and Publicity, Department of Public Relations, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of External Affairs, Department of Sports, and Department of Finance.

Along with many years of development and effort, CSSA-UCLA has organized many large meaningful events, such as the new student orientation, theme-based proms, yearly Chinese new year culture festival, and major-related workshops. Besides holding the activities, CSSA-UCLA is also an active organization over a variety of social media—we currently have the renren official account【留学在UCLA】, sina weibo official account【CSSA-UCLA】, Facebook official website, and QQ group chats. Moreover, CSSA-UCLA has connections with the Chinese community in South California in different fields; for example, we have connections with other student organizations, student unions, and companies in and outside of campus. Through the pervasive social media and various events, CSSA-UCLA aims to provide the greatest service and help for the Chinese student community.

CSSA-UCLA welcomes everyone to join our organization or participate in the events. We also welcome everyone to join our mailing list or follow our WeChat official account to receive the latest news about the upcoming events; by now we already have more than 6000 members who had joined the list since the beginning. We dedicated these efforts with the hope in building a strong and open Chinese Community at UCLA, and we hope to see you soon.

Department of Marketing and Publicity is in charge of seven social media platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, Official Website, Forum, Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter. We send everyone first-hand information about our activities, job market opportunities, and recent recruitments. Our department is not only the most important communication channel between CSSA- UCLA and students both in and outside of UCLA, but also an indispensable bridge that connects CSSAs across Southern California schools together.

The Department of Career Development strives to provide opportunities and guidance for our members to explore the wide range of career paths and to grow professionally. Our annual signature events include the Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference, the SoCal Winter Mixer, the  Career Development Panel Series, and the CSSA Mentorship Program. At the same time, the Department of Career Development also works with leading companies owned and operated in China to organize office visits and provide career opportunities for our members. We sincerely hope our students can discover and pursue a fitting career by attending and participating in our events, and lead on successful lives.

Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events is responsible for organizing and supporting a manifold of  events and activities that not only enrich Chinese students and scholars’ on-campus life but also carry forward the marrow of Chinese culture. Our signature events range from New Student Welcoming Gala and Activities Fair, where new Chinese students and scholars are warmly welcomed and introduced to a variety of clubs and organizations, singing competition Touchin’ Voice, where participants get a chance to showcase their singing talent and share their passion for music with the audience,  outdoor adventures, to professional networking and cultural night, benefiting students and scholars coming from all parts of China, matching event If You Are the One, where single Chinese students could meet their potential dates, a campus-wide Treasury Hunt, to the newly initiated Chinese Food Festival, where several of the best Chinese restaurants in LA come to campus and serve their signature dishes to all the students and faculties. It is our department’s sincere hope that our events create a sense of belonging in the minds of those who study abroad, as well as enrich all the participating students and faculties in their understanding, familiarity and openness to Chinese culture.

Department of Media and Communication handles all media related content in CSSA. We takes full control over the production of promotion videos for all major events. From script writing to the last editing and polishing, we have talented individuals specialized in different fields and we function as a team. We are also responsible for filming and recording events hosted by other departments to archive and store footage for future sponsors and publications on WeChat.


Department of Finance is dedicated to financial planning, auditing, accounting for and controlling the finances for CSSA-UCLA. Before each event that CSSA holds, we review event proposals and apply to USAC Office and Sole Office for funding support. We also provide budget planning for other departments and reimburse expenses for our members after each event. We collaborate with Department of Career Development and Department of Sponsorship to prepare invoices for our sponsors and provide financial statements if needed.


The Department of Public Relations is responsible of connecting CSSA- UCLA with local and international medias, presenting the press with information regarding the various activities held by CSSA- UCLA and the university. The PR Department also works as a communicator between CSSAUCLA and other student associations or sponsors of our organization. Every year, we host VIP reception for the Chinese New Year Culture Night, and coordinates with other campus organizations to host events such as the international food festival.


We host various activities throughout the quarter to entertain students and unify the student body as a whole. We subscribe to the UCLA values of integrity, excellence, accountability, respect and service. We host basketball tournament every fall quarter. During the past two years, we’ve invited Korean Athlete Network, Japanese Student Organization, Association of Chinese Americans, Hong Kong Student Organization and Taiwanese Student Association to join our tournament. More than 200 students participated in the tournament and a lot more have watched our games. Also, we’ve hosted soccer tournaments and E-sports tournaments that involved many students not just from UCLA, but also from many other schools in Southern California. Throughout the school year, we hosted many other small group activities during the weekends, such as fishing, skydiving, kayaking, paintball, skiing, horseback riding, riding hot balloons, road trip at Death Valley and etc. Our department creates and fosters leadership, friendship and involvement opportunities that enhance personal, interpersonal, and organizational development of students.