About CSSA-UCLA | 学联简介


180+  Committee Members
4700+ Chinese Students
21000+ Social Media Followers


Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at UCLA is an officially registered student organization of UCLA, currently holding over 3,000 members. With the academic prestige, CSSA-UCLA has been an active and influential force in organizing activities for Chinese students group and expanding the beauty of traditional Chinese culture on the UCLA campus and in the Southern California community. All activities are cooperated and organized by nine separate departments of CSSA-UCLA—Department of Culture, Department of Media and Communication, Department of Career Development, Department of Marketing and Publicity, Department of Public Relations, Department of Graduate Student Affairs, Department of External Affairs, Department of Recreation Activities, and Department of Finance.

Along with many years of development and effort, CSSA-UCLA has organized many large meaningful events, such as the new student orientation, theme-based proms, yearly Chinese new year culture festival, and major-related workshops. Besides holding the activities, CSSA-UCLA is also an active organization over a variety of social media—we currently have the renren official account【留学在UCLA】, sina weibo official account【CSSA-UCLA】, Facebook official website, and QQ group chats. Moreover, CSSA-UCLA has connections with the Chinese community in South California in different fields; for example, we have connections with other student organizations, student unions, and companies in and outside of campus. Through the pervasive social media and various events, CSSA-UCLA aims to provide the greatest service and help for the Chinese student community.

CSSA-UCLA welcomes everyone to join our organization or participate in the events. We also welcome everyone to join our mailing list (currently under adjustment) or follow our WeChat official account to receive the latest news about the upcoming events; by now we already have more than 6000 members who had joined the list since the beginning. We dedicated these efforts with the hope in building a strong and open Chinese Community at UCLA, and we hope to see you soon.



CSSA (中国学生学者联谊会)是 UCLA(加州大学洛杉矶分校)校内唯一官方的中国海外留学生组织,迄今为止已有成员3000多人。CSSA-UCLA是南加州地区一个有声望及充满活力的组织,致力于为就读于UCLA广大中国留学生提供各种各样丰富多彩的活动来充实同学们的课余生活和在校园内传扬独特的中国文化。各项活动以及组织运作由内部的九个部门一起协调合作——分别为文化部、媒体部、职业发展部、宣传部、公关部、研究生部、外联部、活动部、财务部。